Sunday, December 22, 2013

Intro and History - Who we are , and what we do

Welcome to our blog!   As this is a first for me, please bear with me in trying to catch up with the changes in technology that have overwhelmed me over the past 10 years.... I am no longer able to update the website quickly and easily without  help, so i thought this might suffice to get information quickly and efficiently out to you our valued clients.   While we have a facebook site, not everybody uses it and email has become both inefficient and unreliable as it is difficult to ascertain whether somebody gets it or not, but most of you visit the website to check the calendar, and i will try to keep up with you guys here.  We also have a facebook page under Biosecure Alpaca Shearing, if you're on Facebook, please feel free to friend us there.... the private message function on FB works real well at keeping it free from spam, and i try to check it at least once a week, every day during shearing season. is the website for a voluntary association of independent alpaca shearers who have all apprenticed for at least  3 years under John Gunther of Biosecure Alpaca Shearing, Ltd. and our other Master Shearers.
John,  Brian Gnizak of Shear Relief, Micah Justice of Durer Shearing,  and Benaiah Bowman of Beneficial Shearing are our Master Shearers, Jeffrey Ebel is our current Journeyman as he has completed his apprenticeship and professionally sheared over 1500 animals last year. Each year we try to start a 2 man apprentice crew that starts working on smaller  farms as we are committed to training shearers who will be able to meet the demands of the  industry.  All of our guys try to maintain John's standard of care and attention to detail and all of our crews are trained together to provide a consistency of quality across the country.
We are committed to making the annual harvest as uncomplicated and efficient as possible, and to improving the consistency of shearing available to the alpaca industry.  I am the contact person and scheduler for these crews and their apprentices, and will try to keep you guys up to date and informed as to how things are going through this blog as well as on our  FB page..... thanks so much for visiting .:)
If you are a new farm to us and would like to be included on the 2014 schedule, please CALL me at 330-378-5150, and i will walk you through the pre-scheduling process. If you've used us before, please click on the scheduling link above and update your farm information and preferences as soon as possible.  Thanks from all of us at  - sincerely - rachel